Prof.Steven Gauntt, Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College, China

Steven Gauntt教授,厦门大学嘉庚学院,中国

Research Area: Applied linguistics, literary theory & criticism, public speaking, drama


Title:In a Word: Language, Limitation and Efficacy


Abstract:This paper addresses the general foundation, value, and service of language in the expression and transmission of meaning in all fields of human endeavor (scientific and technological as well as literary, and even in the mundane and quotidian). As such, it reasserts the primacy of language in human experience / existence, knowledge, culture, and history. It is not simply a form of apologetics but a celebration of language and its various uses and contributions.

Songqing Li.jpg

Prof. Songqing Li,  Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China


Research Area: Multilingualism, critical discourse analysis, English as a global language, language and identity, multimodality


Title:Intertextuality as a strategy of glocalization


Abstract:The term “glocalization” was coined by sociologist Roland Robertson (1994; 1995) to capture the essence of the intricate process in which “the global is brought in conjunction with the local, and the local is modified to accommodate the global” and vice versa (Kumaravadivelu 2008: 45); the central insight here is the significance to maintain a balance between global homogenization and local customization. With the assumption of heuristic values of glocalization that can be drawn upon for an account of issues at the juncture of the global-local nexus, this paper concerns itself with the analysis of mobilization of glocalization as an international marketing strategy in the perspective of intertextuality. It mainly undertakes a theoretical discussion about why the notion of intertextuality can be drawn upon to explore the application of glocalization in international marketing.