Welcome Assoc. Prof. TUKANG From Jimei University Academy of Fine Arts to be committee member!


Assoc. Prof.  TUKANG,Jimei University Academy of Fine Arts, China

Research Area:

Traditional handicraft of Fujian and Taiwan

Research Experience:

1. long-term attention to the survival and development of traditional handicrafts and theoretical research in Fujian and Taiwan areas, rich field survey experience, wrote a large number of texts related to the subject, completed a number of traditional manual skills in the teaching practice of the use of related papers and monographs.

2. Both the literature research and the Graduate Student's practice project instruction, all are the first-line work, the artistic creation work participates in each exhibition and the activity many times and wins the prize;

3. Actively and earnestly guide graduate students to engage in folk art research in Minnan area, be good at leading students to investigate and research, spare no effort to revise students'papers, widely praised.